School is open this Sunday, 3/1/2020


上周日学校顺利恢复正常上课。在此我们对老师们的敬业精神表示敬意!家长学生们可以选择不来学校上课,而老师们却要顶着巨大的压力,毫无怨言地支持学校复课。还要感谢广大的志愿者们,每当学校 POD人手不够,一有招唤,马上就有志愿者报名顶上,谢谢你们!

经过安全管理小组成员开会并无记名投票决定,本周日中文学校继续正常上课。如有特殊情况及困难,老师可以与班级家长商议选择请假或远程教育,但是大家需要考虑到低出勤率会给POD安排造成很大困难,学生安全保障会受到影响。我们会紧密关注疫情发展,如有需要,学校将依据 CDC官方指导并参照本地区公立学校及其他社区组织情况随时做出调整。谢谢大家!

春节联欢会活动暂时推迟至 4/19/2020.


Dear Parents and Teachers,

The resumption of school last Sunday went well. We would like to thank all teachers for their professionalism and dedication. We would like to thank parents who volunteered for POD duties when called upon.

School is open this Sunday. The decision was reached at a meeting of the school’s Safety Team. Teachers are given the option to conduct distance teaching provided the majority of parents in his/her class agree. However, if too few classes are conducted at school, school safety may be compromised as there will be a shortage of POD parents.

The school will closely monitor any new developments concerning the virus. The school will take actions consistent with CDC recommendations and practices by neighboring school districts.

The Chinese New Year Celebration party is postponed to 4/19/2020.

Thank you for your support.

HXNYC Safety Team