Parents-on-Duty (POD) 2023-2024 Policy



新学年我们对POD (Parents-on-Duty) 家长值班规则和流程做了一些调整:

1,在注册时,每个注册学生收取了 $30 POD押金;

2,每履行一次POD职责的家庭,会退回 $30,返还成为Credit,存入您的学校账户;

3,欢迎家长们多次服务,每月最后一周结束,学校会公布当月履行POD职责的家庭Family ID,每月一结。例如,Family ID:8888,9月一共服务POD 两次,就会返Credit $60。


1. 9:20 ‐ 9:30: check-in @ AAB-111
2. 9:30 ‐ 12:30: 在教学楼值班。

09:20 AM:
1. 值班家长在9:20AM以前到校,先去 AAB111学校办公室报到,在办公室门口的 POD sign-in sheet 上选一个值班地点,工整填写学生名字/班级/Family ID(家里有多个学生的请签上当天POD 报名的班级和学生名字,我们根据Family ID退返 $30);
2. 用手机拍下 sign-in sheet 上的紧急联系电话,领取一件橙色马甲;
3. 去选定的值班地点一直驻守到12:30 学校放学。

Sign-out 12:30 PM:

主要职责:包括维持秩序,协助老师,照顾学生(需要联系父母的学生、不舒服的学生、要去厕所的低年级学生等),报告异常情况等等。值班期间认真负责,保持良好精神状态,积极沟通,有爱心,有耐心,杜绝过激言行。我们在 CLA 和 AAB 楼内指定了 8 个 POD 值班点,每次学校上课时间需要有值班家长全程驻守,2023~24学年度总共 31 周课时,共需要 至少248 位人次的值班家长。

POD 报名:


POD 信息查对与共享: Google Sheet

我们会把 POD 的安排与完成情况以及所有班级的名单都整合在一个 Google Sheet 里。安全小组成员可以进行编辑,家长代表们可以查看,如果发现有错误或是需要更改,请通过家长代表微信群或是 Email 联系安全小组成员进行操作。

纪律安全副校长 刘程

Parents-on-Duty (POD) Operating Procedures

Huaxia New York Central Chinese School (HXNYC) is a non-profit all-volunteer organization. We rely on parents to share the responsibility of keeping the school safe and orderly. In the new school year, we have made some changes and adjustments to previous POD procedure:

1. $30.00 deposit is charged for each student during registering
2. Each time when POD duty is fulfilled, $30.00 deposit will be credited back to your account
3. By the end of each month, FamilyID of POD will be announced and credits will be reflected

Responsibilities of the POD Parents:
1. 9:20AM ~ 9:30AM: Sign in at AAB111
2. 9:30AM ~ 12:30PM: Serve at your selected POD posts

9:20AM:
Sign in at main office AAB111 with Student’s name/Class/Family ID, then choose a post (8 to choose from), pick up an orange vest, go to the post you choose

Sign-Out 12:30PM:
Sign out at the main office AAB111 and return the orange vest.

Main Duty:

  • Be alert and try to keep the hallway in order
  • Assist teachers with safety issues upon request.
    • When classes are in recess, please try to patrol the hallways, classrooms, stairs, and bathrooms to make sure no children are engaged in any dangerous or disruptive activities, such as chasing each other, climbing onto window ledges or onto staircase railings, breaking into vending machines, playing with multimedia equipment, making loud noises, etc.
    • Contact the school safety team or WCC security staff if any unexpected issues develop.
    • Take care of students in need (students need to contact parents, students feeling sick, low grade students need to go to restroom etc)
    • Be empathetic, positive  and communicative; actively coordinate efforts and activities

How To Signup for POD:

  • you may sign-up Parents-on-Duty (POD) directly via this link or by the QRcode:

POD information sharing:
We will have full records of POD fulfillment upon checking, if you have concerns or questions, please reach out to class parents or email directly.