Parents-on-Duty (POD)


Huaxia New York Central Chinese School (HXNYC) is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. We rely on parents to share the responsibilities of keeping the school safe and orderly.

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Each year, all parents are required to perform mandatory Parents-on-Duty (POD) at least once. POD parents are stationed near and around classrooms in AAB and CLA buildings to assist teachers and students and to maintain order.

How POD Works:

  • Per school year, each parent will be required to perform POD one time for each child who is enrolled in the school. (You need to perform POD one time if you have one child at school, two times if you have two children at school, etc.)
  • POD dates are assigned by the Safety & Discipline Committee at the beginning of the school year.
  • Your class parent will notify you via email/WeChat group of the possible POD dates you can choose from.
  • A $30 POD deposit per family is automatically charged to your account when you register for the school year. If you fail to perform POD, your deposit will be forfeited. If you fulfill your POD duties, the deposit will be credited to your account and rolled over to the following school year.
  • If you are unable to perform your POD duty on the assigned date(s), you may swap the dates with other parents or ask someone to cover for you.

Rules & Responsibilities of the POD Parents:

  • Sign in promptly before 9:30am at the school office (AAB 111).
  • Pick up the orange vest from the office and wear it during the entire school day.
  • Go to the location you signed for and stay at the same location until 12:30 pm. You may not leave your post until school is over.
  • At your POD post, you need to: 
    • Be alert and try to keep the hallway quiet.
    • Assist teachers with safety issues upon request.
    • When classes are in recess, please try to patrol the hallways, classrooms and stairs to make sure no children are engaged in any dangerous or inappropriate activities, such as climbing out of windows or onto staircase railings, breaking into vending machines, playing with multi-media equipment or making loud noises etc.
    • Contact school safety team or WCC security staff (printed on sign-in sheet) if any unexpected issue develops.
  • Return the vest and sign out at the school office when school is dismissed.

Important Reminder:

The Safety & Discipline Committee will work with class parents to remind you of your upcoming POD assignments. However, it’s your responsibility to check and fulfill the POD you signed up for. If for any reason, you cannot make it on the scheduled date, please get in touch with your class parent ASAP and try to find another parent to cover for you.