Covid-19 Protocol

  1. All teachers, teaching assistants and volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated before returning to campus.
  2. Masking is mandatory for everyone inside all buildings and classrooms. No mask, no class.
  3. Hand sanitizers are placed in the AAB office, CLA front lobby and in each classroom.
  4. Teachers will maintain social distancing inside each classroom. Maximum number of students is 15 per classroom.
  5. Teachers will keep classrooms well-ventilated by keeping the doors and windows open (weather permitting).
  6. All Chinese language class teachers will take attendance of students for the purpose of contact tracing required by WCC.
  7. On the morning of each class day, all registered parents will receive a short questionnaire via email asking if they plan to enter AAB or CLA building that day. Parents need to fill out the questionnaire before being allowed into school buildings.
  8. PODs and school Safety Committee members will check the temperature of everyone entering school buildings.
  9. Anyone with a temperature of 100 degree F or higher will be turned away from entering the building and his/her name and temperature will be recorded.
  10. We strongly recommend only parents with children younger than or equal to Grade 2 enter or stay inside the buildings. Parents should avoid entering the classrooms.
  11. Parents should avoid congregating in the hallways near the classrooms. The lecture room CLA 200 is available but parents need to maintain social distancing and wear masks while inside.
  12. In the event someone within the HXNYC community tests positive for COVID-19, and if he or she attended a class within 2 days prior to having any symptoms or the positive test, the entire class which the person attended will stay off campus and the class will be held online only the following Sunday. The test-positive person and his/her class can return to WCC campus the Sunday after that.
  13. Parents are required to notify school Safety Committee of Covid-19 positive test of any family members ASAP. Safety VPs contact email is
  14. Family members of the test-positive person will not be allowed back to campus for the same duration.
  15. Grandparents Club will be temporarily closed due to increased risk of older adults developing severe illness from Covid-19.