Parent Classes

2022-2023 成人课程  2022-2023 Parent Classes

课程Class NameTeacherTime
Adult Acrylic Painting
New Class!
Lily Liu10:30-11:30
初级英语Elementary EnglishYing Zhou-Russo10:30-11:30
绘画艺术Fine Arts杨丽达10:30-11:30
街舞Hip Hop DanceStella Zhang10:00-11:30
New Class!
网球TennisLarry Chu10:30 -11:30
瑜伽 Power Yoga for Adult解雪梅11:30-12:30

成人美术色彩绘画班 Adult Acrylic Painting Lily Liu

主要学习水彩(watercolor)、丙烯(Acrylic)、油画棒(pastel)不同绘画材料的使用,通过大量课堂作品习作,使学生掌握色彩造型规律和各种绘画技法。 感兴趣的学员也可按老师指导,完成每周循序渐进的课后控笔练习。 人对美对艺术的感觉不是教出来的,是被唤醒的。 希望我们绘画班的每一位学员在课堂课后浓郁的艺术氛围里,激发艺术感知, 创造出自己的艺术作品。

Lily Liu 老师在美加从事成人及儿童绘画教学,绘图设计20余年,政府及社区多项文艺活动的舞台设计,平面设计。  擅长运用多种绘画材料和多种绘画风格的教学,来提升学生艺术修养,挖掘艺术天赋。

绘画艺术成人班  Fine Arts   杨丽达

Anyone who is interested in painting, drawing or folk art should join this club. You will learn the techniques of painting, such as Chinese brush painting, water color, acrylic and oil painting, drawing. You will also learn folk art, such as Chinese paper cutting and egg shell painting. No previous painting experience needed.  You will discover the artist inside you!

街舞  Hip Hop  Stella Zhang

Do you dream about dancing passionately to pop music you love? Do you want to learn how to move every part of your body to express yourself? Here is the dance class for you. It will relax your body and mind. It is entertaining and will make you feel young and energetic. It lets you show YOUR INDIVIDUALITY AND STYLE. You will be able to free style hip hop dance by the end of the year.

A fervent hip hop dance lover, Stella fell in love with pop music and hip hop back when she was a teen. In the past, Stella had been trained as a folk dancer. Now she takes dancehall, hip hop, and popping classes in NYC. She wishes to bring this same excitement and energy to her own classroom.




The goal of this class is to nurture children’s appreciation for dance and music. In this class, your children will enjoy fun-filled dances which were choreographed to promote body coordination, balance, strength, flexibility.

Ms. Siduo Wang has been studying ballet for 7 years, and Flamenco for 3 years. She is excited to share her passion for dance with your children.

Kung Fu Sifu Alex Lamas

摄影 Photography 许闯

许老师89年在上海同济建筑系毕业,来美后在Pratt Institute 室内设计专业深造,现在纽约WB Wood 公司担任创意总监。他从小喜欢摄影,可以说相机常年陪伴他走遍天下。他的课将由浅入深,从摄影常识介绍到专业摄影技巧,如风光和人像摄影,也会在教学中加入美术历史知识,组织室内外field trips,课堂作品讨论,让每个学生都成为摄影爱好者和实践者,丰富今后的生活和学习!

器具要求:每个学生要准备一台单反相机 SLR Camera

成人瑜伽 Power Yoga  for Adults 解雪梅

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or even stressed out? Have you always been rushing around to meet all kinds of demands upon you? Do you want to find ways to release stress while building healthy, strong, and flexible body?

If your answer is yes, then Power Yoga for Adults is for you. You are encouraged to slow down, to pay attention to yourself, to be mindful of mind and body connection. You will be moving through challenging poses while staying calm and present. You will have blissful relaxation, feel totally refreshed at the end of each practice.

This is an open level class, and all fitness levels are welcome. Ms. Xuemei Xie, who has over 10 years experience teaching yoga for adults and children, will offer modifications based on your needs. She will guide you to practice safely & help you build strength, balance, flexibility, and focus.