2018-2019 Registration Continues

2018-2019 课程在线注册从速


• 请点击 Enroll Here 注册。由我校学生家长介绍的新生,介绍人和新生均可享受 $50 优惠。

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• 中文课今年增加了马立平八年级。文化课增添了国画书法大小班 、现代美术大小班、新加坡数学大小班、Scratch Programming 大小班、Java 电脑编程大班。点击此处阅览 2018-2019 课程.

• 如有问题,请写信到 registration@hxnyc.org 或电话 (914) 768-8686。

• 请尽量用支票支付学费,可以为学校节省手续费。

• 阅读 2018-2019 注册须知

2018-2019 Classes Online Registration Continues

School starts on September 9, please register soon.

• Please click Enroll Here to register. A Friends and Family Referral Credit of $50 will be given to both referee and referrer.

• We have added MLP Grad 8 to our Chines classes. We have added Brush Painting & Calligraphy, Amazing Art, Singapore Math, Scratch and Java Programming to culture classes. Click here for a complete list of 2018-2019 Classes.

• If you need assistance, please write to registration@hxnyc.org or call (914) 768-8686.

• Preferred payment method: We strongly recommend paying by check. This will save school transaction fees.

• Click to read 2018-2019 Registration Policy

诚招助教 Teaching Assistants Needed



Teaching Assistants Needed

Each year, our teachers rely on student assistants to help in and around the classrooms. The availability of student TAs is an integral part of our school’s operation.It also makes the Huaxia experience a richer one for both student TAs and their younger classmates. We encourage and welcome Huaxia graduates to return to volunteer as Teaching Assistants. All positions are volunteer and non-paying. Each TA will receive a Community Service Certificate at the end of school year. If interested, please click here to sign up.

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