New Culture Classes

理财入门大班  Financial Literacy Sr.

老师: 郭清 Instructor: Stephanie Guo

Financial Literacy class is recommended for 6-12 grade. Subject will include basic Financial concepts – Banking, Debt/ Credit, Tax, Insurance; Budgeting; Financial Planning, Paying for College; Investment Basic.

Ms. Guo has a Master’s degree in Urban Planning. Ms. Guo has over 25 years of investment strategy and financial risk management experiences at some of America’s top investment firms. She is currently Vice President at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

Materials will be age appropriate and including a real time stock trading simulator for more interactive activities

音乐律动课 小班/大班  Music Rhythm Jr./Sr.

老师:叶姚岑 Instructor: Yaocen Ye



Ms. Ye graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou.

She received professional music education in vocal, piano, and a variety of musical Instruments,Ms. Ye is a highly motivated educator of music and performance arts and is adept in creating exciting and entertaining leaning environments.

In this class, students will learn about rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form and other elements of music. Students will learn these concepts by speaking, chanting, singing, dancing, moving, acting and playing instruments. Children’s natural sense of play is encouraged to feel the music.

新加坡高阶数学大班  Singapore Math Challenge Sr.

老师:陈文盈 Instructor: Erica Chen

Ms. Chen is currently a high school math teacher with more than fourteen years of teaching experience at public high schools. In addition, she was one of the outstanding STEM master teachers for Math for America (MfA) from 2014 to 2018.  Ms. Chen has taught various math courses: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics, Pre-Calculus and SAT math. She is an expert in her content area, is a master in the craft of teaching, and has a deep understanding of her students.

Math is the most important subject because it supports the development of critical and logical thinking, and provides students an effective power to analyze, describe, and change things. Moreover, math can be applied in each aspect of life. The Singapore math method is a highly effective teaching approach originally developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education in the 1980s for Singapore public schools. The model method of Singapore math is in which the students learn to represent the information of the problems with the number bonds, bar modeling and other visual tools to arrive at the method of the solution. Singapore Math Challenge will provide fourth to sixth grade students with skill-building practice based on the leading math program in the world, Singapore Math. Common Core Standards accelerate math expectations for all students, creating a need for challenging supplementary math practice. Singapore Math Challenge is the ideal solution, with problems, puzzles, and brainteasers that strengthen mathematical thinking. Sign up for my class to help your young learners to build a strong mathematical foundation and ongoing success for your children.

演讲大班  Speech Sr.

老师:张岚 Instructor: Iris Zhang