Dear HXNYC Members,

We hope you and your family continue to remain safe and healthy.

HXNYC will continue distance learning for the duration of the school year.  Fall registration will begin in June. Board election will be conducted electronically. We will explore a safe way to celebrate and honor our Class of 2020 graduates, teachers and volunteers.

As early as beginning of February, our school administration and teachers quickly adapted to the pandemic by training how to conduct distance learning. As a result of this early preparation, the Chinese language teachers and some culture class teachers effectively conducted remote classes and are keeping up with the teaching curriculum for the 2019-2020 academic year.

During this challenging time, HXNYC members demonstrated exceptional cooperation and compassion. In addition to helping students adapt to remote learning, parents participated in numerous donation drives of PPE to local hospitals and first responders. HXNYC is proud to be a participant in the largest PPE fundraising drive organized by ACUC. Click here for the media coverage and ACUC Donation Summary. You may also read our eNews Pandemic Special Issue.

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