Parent Classes

2020-2021 成人课程 2020-2021 Parent Classes

为方便家长,成人课安排在非周末晚上 7:30-8:30

课程Class教师 Teacher时间 Time
New Class!
Fine Art杨丽达Tuesday  7:30-8:30PM
街舞Hip Hop DanceStella ZhangWednesday 7:30-8:30PM
瑜伽Yoga 解雪梅Friday  7:30-8:30PM

绘画艺术  Fine Arts   杨丽达

Anyone who is interested in painting, drawing or folk art should join this club. You will learn the techniques of painting, such as Chinese brush painting, water color, acrylic and oil painting, drawing. You will also learn folk art, such as Chinese paper cutting and egg shell painting. No previous painting experience needed.  You will discover the artist inside you!

街舞  Hip Hop  Stella Zhang

Do you dream about dancing passionately to pop music you love? Do you want to learn how to move every part of your body to express yourself? Here is the dance class for you. It will relax your body and mind. It is entertaining and will make you feel young and energetic. It lets you show YOUR INDIVIDUALITY AND STYLE. You will be able to free style hip hop dance by the end of the year.

A fervent hip hop dance lover, Stella fell in love with pop music and hip hop back when she was a teen. In the past, Stella had been trained as a folk dancer. Now she takes dancehall, hip hop, and popping classes in NYC. She wishes to bring this same excitement and energy to her own classroom.

瑜伽Yoga   解雪梅

Yoga is a form of moving meditation, and a popular choice of exercise for health and relaxation. Members of Yoga Club are encouraged to work at their own pace based on individual needs, cultivate calmness in practicing challenging poses,  release stress, and build strong body and mind in a relaxed, and supportive environment.

This is an open level class, and all fitness levels are welcome. If you are an experienced yogi, you will find plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself even further. If you are new to yoga, all you need is an open mind, and a willingness to embark on your journey of exploration and transformation that will help you build strength, balance, flexibility, and focus.