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在学校安全工作上,家长代表起着重要的作用。安全委员会依靠家长代表协助安排家长值班 (POD)。有意担当您孩子中文课班级家长代表者请和安全副校长肖盎然联系。


• 协助配合安全纪律委员会安排家长值班
• 协助学校/老师和家长之间的沟通
• 收集准备老师礼物或红包
• 协助老师准备班级或学校的活动

Class Parents Sign-up

Class parents are an important and integral part of our school community. They are an important liaison between the school, the teachers and the parents. We sincerely appreciate all who volunteer to take on this role. Click here to sign-up to be the class parent of your child.

Class Parent Responsibilities include:

• Work as a liaison between Safety Committee and parents to fulfill POD (Parents-on-Duty)
• Facilitate school/teacher/parent communication
• Collect donation towards holiday and year-end gift to teachers
• Assist teachers in school-wide or classroom activities