Tuition & Registration Policy

Contact Information
Tel: 914-768-8686

Huaxia  New York Central Chinese School will continue remote learning for the fall 2020 semester.  Please note the following changes when registering.

  • First Day of School is 9/13.
  • Tuition is reduced for all classes. There is no early bird rate.
  • MLP & MZHY textbooks will be purchased and distributed by the school.
  • All parent classes are held during weekday evenings.
  • For Boxing & Sanda and Taekwondo classes, please go to “精武门学院课程” tab to enroll and pay.
  • POD deposit will still be collected from newly enrolled families.
  • For better transition between Zoom classes, classes that start at 10:30 and 11:30 will start at 10:45 and 11:45 respectively.

Important Dates

9/13First Day of School
10/11Last Day of Free Culture Class Transfer

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees

ClassTuition (per annum)Family Account Management Fee  (per family)Registration & Facility Fee (per student)Book & Material Fee (per student)POD Deposit (per family)Total  
Pre-K & Kindergarten$560$50$35None$30  $675
MLP Grade 1-9$560$50$35$50$30$725
MZHY Grade 1-9$560$50$35$25$30$700
AP Chinese$560$50$35Self-purchase$30$675
Parent Class (1 Hour)$180$50$35NoneNone$265
Culture Class Only$300$50$35NoneNone$385
  • All calculation in the table below is based on enrolling only one child/student.
  • Except for Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, tuition covers 2 hours of Chinese language class and 1 hour of culture class. There is no tuition credit for those who elect not to take any culture class.
  • Family Account Management fee is applied to every family and Registration & Facility Fee is applied to each registered student. Neither is refundable.
  • POD (Parent-on-Duty) deposit of $30 per family is added to ensure parents fulfil their responsibility to help maintain the safety of students during school hours. The deposit will be forfeited if parents fail to report on their assigned dates of POD.

Once the deposit is forfeited, a new deposit will be charged in the following school year. Parents who have performed the POD duty will not be charged the deposit the following school year. The deposit will be returned to you upon the withdrawal from school or graduation of your child (ren) from the school.

  •   Bounced check/payment will be charged a penalty of $35 per check.   
  •   Late payment fee of $30 will apply if tuition payment is not received by 9/27/2020.

Discount and Credit

Friend Referral Credit$50When a current member family refers a NEW FAMILY who successfully enrolls for full school year, BOTH families will each receive a $50 credit. This credit can be given to the new family ONLY ONCE.
Discount for Three or More Children$60If you have 3 or more children enrolled in Chinese classes, your 3rd and subsequent children will each receive a $60 discount.

Payment Method

Payments can be made with personal checks, credit cards or PayPal. We strongly recommend paying by check. This will save the school transaction fees.

Please make check payable to: Huaxia Chinese School New York (HXNY) and mail it to: Huaxia Chinese School New York, P.O. Box 1236, Scarsdale, NY 10583.  Please print the payment printout from the online registration system and attach it to your check. Please make sure you write down students’ names, ID numbers (or family ID numbers if available) on your check and on the registration printout.

Tuition payment checks must be postmarked within 2 week of the registration date. Registration will be considered incomplete if no payment is received within 2 weeks. The order of your child’s enrollment in a class is determined by the postmark on your payment envelope. The school reserves the right to release the space to students whose payments arrive ahead of yours.

If a check is returned for any reason (e.g. insufficient funds, stop payment, or closed account),  a $35 processing fee in addition to any penalty amount charged by the bank will be added to your account. If a student with a bounced check/payment decides to withdraw from the school, the $35 returned check fee plus bank charges will not be refunded. No student will be permitted to sit in a class without FULL payment received by the school except for new students who may audit a class after obtaining written permission from the school administration.            

Refund Policy  

DatesRefund Amount
Before/on 10/11/2020100% of tuition will be refunded
After 10/11/2020 but before 1/31/202150% of tuition will be refunded
(Tuition only. Family Account and Registration Fee are Non-refundable)

Age Guidelines

Grade placement at HXNYC is comparable to that at students’ week-day schools in support of students’ cognitive, social and emotional development.Copy of birth certificate is required for all Pre-K and Kindergarten students and for all new students under the age of 6. Students of Grade 1-Grade 9 will also be evaluated before being placed in classes appropriate to their ages and Chinese language abilities.

Pre-K 3   学前小班                            Born on or before 12/31/2017

Pre-K 4   学前中班                            Born on or before 12/31/2016

Kindergarten 学前大班                     Born on or before 12/31/2015

CSL                                                    Recommended for students who are 6 or older and with little/no Chinese background.  Students who are 6 or younger should register for K or Pre-K classes

1st Grade                                             Recommended for students who are 6 or older        

To ensure optimal learning experience, culture classes may be subject to specific age limits as described in course summaries. 

All language and culture classes are subject to maximum and minimum seating limits.  Classes may be added or withdrawn at the discretion of the school administration.

Grade/Class Assignment & Transfer

During the first 4 weeks of a new school year, existing students may elect to transfer to a different class. He or she needs to request and obtain a recommendation from the teacher of the originally enrolled class, a written permission from the teacher of the receiving class, and approval from the school administration. The final transfer will also be subject to the availability of the grade/class that he or she elects to transfer to. Once the transfer is approved, the school administration will issue a Certificate of Transfer and re-assign the student to the grade/class approved.  Tuition difference plus any additional book and material fees will be charged or refunded to the student based on the difference between the two classes.

New students (other than students entering into Pre-K or Kindergarten classes) may select a grade that suits them. However, during the first 4 weeks of a new school year, the Dean may assess the new students and provide final approvals for the grade/class assignments based on the students’ levels of language proficiency and maturity. The school administration will re-assign the new students to the appropriate grades/classes based on the Dean’s recommendations.

Culture Class Transfer

Except for Pre-K and Kindergarten students, all students who are taking a Chinese class can select one culture/activity class which is one-hour in length. Most of the culture classes are at no additional charges. Many culture classes admit very few students and it is on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. Some culture classes may charge a material fee to cover the cost of materials purchased by the teachers for class activities or projects.

Please do select a culture class while you register for a Chinese class which is two hours long. You can always request to transfer to a different culture class before the transfer deadline if the original choice is not suitable. There is no partial tuition credit for students who elect not to participate in any culture classes.

During the first 4 weeks of the new school year, if a student elects to change his or her current culture class selection, he or she can make a request to the school administration. However, the final transfer is subject to availability and teacher approval. After the free class transfer deadline, a fee of $25 will be charged for each transfer.

If a student cannot find any culture/activity class that he or she is interested in, he or she may choose not to attend any culture/activity class.  No student may attend a culture/activity class without prior registration and proper approvals. The school reserves the right to adjust and decide on student class assignments in order to balance the enrollment of classes.

Students can also register for culture classes only.  Culture classes are on “first-come-first-serve” basis.  However, students who have registered for a language class will have higher priority in securing a seat in culture classes. Please contact the Vice Principal of Registration in person or via email to for additional information.

Teacher Assignment

The school administration reviews and assigns teachers each year. Teacher assignment will be available on the school’s website no later than one week before the start of a new school year.

Parent on Duty (POD)

All parents MUST participate and take turns to fulfill responsibility of POD which is to ensure the safety and orderly conduct of students enrolled in the school. For details, please refer to POD Rules & Responsibility.

Photo Usage

The school reserves the right to photograph students/families participating in the school’s academic and/or social activities and post the photographs on the school’s newsletter, website, WeChat or school related marketing materials.

Acknowledgement and Agreement of 2020-2021 Registration Rules

I and my family hereby acknowledge and agree that we have received, read, understood, and agreed to the school rules and regulations for registration and operation and for attendance at the school. We agree that all members of the school are subject to such rules and regulations in their entirety.

By registering hereunder, each student and family assume the risks of participating in any activity at and/or organized by the school and hereby irrevocably release the school and all its personnel and affiliates including but not limited to agents, officers, directors, employees, successors and assignees from any and all liabilities of any type of nature arising out of his/her participation in activities at and/or organized by the school.