作为学校,我们的目标是激发孩子们对中文和中国文化的兴趣,让孩子们不放弃中文学习。如果孩子们能够坚持学到中文学校毕业,这会对他们未来的中文学习打下良好的基础。如果他们选修 AP 中文,在大学还继续选修中文,那就是我们更大的成功了。

Chinese Curriculum

HXNYC offers a comprehensive curriculum to all students who bring with them diverse learning styles, objectives, and family backgrounds. Our ultimate objective is to spark and retain our students’ interest in Chinese learning so they will stick to it until graduation and beyond.

We offer CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) classes to students who come from non-native Chinese speaking families. The student entering the CSL program has to be 6 years old or older. For younger students, we may place him or her in our Kindergarten or Pre-K classes upon evaluation.