Thank You for Supporting Our School

值此一年一度赞助募捐时节,我们再次呼吁所有家长发动您经常光顾的公司(包括餐馆、医师、装修公司、保险公司等)以广告或展台方式赞助支持学校。学校今年将不再印制学校通讯录,但增添家长微信群及学校微信公众号平台,并继续保留新年节目册。以下是今年赞助方案。赞助方案有很多档位供大家选择。再次感谢各位的大力支持!2018 赞助方案点击此处

Dear Parents,
We are kicking off the 2018 Sponsorship campaign. Once again, we are asking you to reach out to organizations or individuals in your community to become our sponsors through placing advertisements or participating in our events. For 2018 Sponsorship Program information, please click here. Thank you for your support!