Culture Teachers – 文化课教师简介



Yilong Ni    NEW SAT Math

Niyu Ge     NEW SAT Verbal and Writing


Major changes have come to the SAT in the spring of 2016. The new SAT math test includes math questions drawn from four major content groups:

  1. Heart of Algebra
  2. Problem solving and data analysis
  3. Passport to Advanced Math
  4. Additional Topics in Math

Comparing to the old SAT, these additional math topics will now be required:

  1. Manipulating more complicated algebraic expressions.
  2. Performing operations involving the imaginary numbers.
  3. Solving more complex equation.
  4. Working with trigonometric function of general angles measured in radians.

 In this course, we will cover main topics in the four content groups and pay special attention to these new topics.

 Verbal and Writing:

The scope of this class is the verbal sections of the new SAT.  We’ll cover all the parts of the English and the Reading tests including comprehension and grammar.  Although the essay is now optional, many students will take the essay either because they will apply to colleges that require the essay or because having the essay gives them a wider variety of choices when application time comes. Given the amount of materials to be covered and the fact that this is a semester course, this class will be fast-paced and intense with many reading and writing requirements.  Self-study and follow up-study are highly encouraged, especially for students aiming to take the test in the fall.

 倪轶龙,中国科大(University of Science and Technology of China)数学本科、硕士,Yale University 数学博士。曾经教过大学微积分,数学物理方法,微分方程等课程。

 Dr. Niyu Ge has a Ph.D. in computational linguistics from Brown University and is a research scientist at IBM Research. Ms. Ge has been doing linguistic research for almost 20 years. Dr. Ge has been teaching for over 12 years. She teaches reading, writing, math, and test prep courses (SAT/ACT/etc.)


Ying Li, Introduction to Computer and Programming Sr.

 This course will introduce basic concepts and components of a computer and how to program with a computer to kids at or above the 5th grade. Based on the students’ familiarity with programming, the course may start with Scratch, a graphical programming language developed at MIT, with which kids can program interactively with the computers to come up with stories, games and animations. This would be a fun way for students to pick up fundamental concepts on programming.

Then students will move on to Go Programming, where more “serious” programming will be introduced — students will learn about data types, control structures, functions, and many more. To help students get more hands-on experience on programming, this course will alternate between lecture and lab, where students will do coding exercises to reinforce what they have learned during the lab time. Students are required to bring a laptop (preferred) or other devices such as iPad in this case.

 Ying Li received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from Wuhan University, China and the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, in 1993, 1996, and 2003, respectively. Since March 2003, Dr. Li has been with IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as a Research Staff Member, conducting research in areas including image and video processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, business analytics, statistical modeling and computational creativity. Dr. Li has authored or co-authored around 70 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers, as well as 7 book and book chapters on various multimedia and computer vision related topics. She currently holds 50+ US patents. Dr. Li has also been actively involved in the technical community by organizing conferences/workshops, serving on the editorial board of journals and serving on the program committee of various IEEE and ACM conferences. Dr. Li is an IEEE Senior Member.

Larry Chu, Tennis


An active tennis player with over 30 years of experience as a USTA league player, Coach Chu is currently a tennis summer program coordinator at the renowned Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club. He has over 10 years of extensive coaching experience. He played on the 2015 Eastern Region Championship team of Chestnut Ridge. He also won 3 consecutive singles trophies at the Reader Digest Association Tennis League in the early 2000s. Coach Chu is experienced in coaching both children and adults.

Quincy Egginton, Ed.D. Painting and Drawing Jr. & Sr.

Photo of Quincy Egginton (1)   IMG_6815

“Quincy Egginton is a talented artist and highly skilled instructor.  Each child is allowed the freedom to create rather than model.  She has the ability to simplify some of the complexities of the process and thereby open up a broad channel to success.”  These are the words Quincy’s principal used to describe her teaching at Increase Miller Elementary School in the Katonah-Lewisboro School District where she taught for 9 years.

Other teachers shared appreciation for her desire and ability to integrate her teaching of art with the grade level curricula.  Quincy is passionate about teaching art to all students and has enjoyed teaching at all levels.

As a child Quincy lived for three years in Japan and was immersed in the culture with her parents support. These years influenced her art and style of living.  She has a deep appreciation for Asian culture.  She welcomes the opportunity to teach Drawing and Painting at HXNYC.  The planned curriculum will focus on drawing and painting techniques and will use Chinese symbols and traditions as models.

Quincy Egginton earned her BFA at the Syracuse School of Visual and Performing Arts with a major in Illustration.  After graduating she worked as an Art Director in advertising and then in magazine production.  She earned her way through graduate school by doing free-lance graphic design and illustration.  Quincy attended the Columbia University School of Art before enrolling at Teachers College, Columbia University where she earned a Master’s in Education and then a Doctorate in Art Education specializing in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking.  As a Teaching Assistant in the Printmaking studio she earned recognition as Master Printer.

Upon graduation Quincy secured her first full-time teaching position in art at Mercy College was her first full time position teaching art where she rose to the rank of Associate Professor.  She has been an adjunct at College of New Rochelle for many years and has continued to serve in various capacities including covering for the graduate professor in Art Education who was out on sabbatical.  Quincy has also taught at WCC.

Currently, Quincy teaches art through Continuing Education for adults in: Chappaqua, Larchmont, Scarsdale and WCC. She also teaches children art through numerous libraries and The Katonah Art Center.

Claudette Washington Bell, Chorus Jr. & Sr. 

Photo of Claudette Bell   IMG_6854

Ms. Bell is a piano instructor/marketing director for several arts organizations including Sidra Bell Dance New York and GuavaJamm Entertainment. Born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she received her Bachelor of Music-Teacher Education degree from New York University. She is an accomplished pianist and began her musical career at the age of 3 years old. She was a teacher of music in NYC public schools and worked with many diverse ensembles throughout her teaching career. For seven years, she was the Bronx Borough Wide Music School accompanist and associate director, and performed at venues including Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and Madison Square Garden.

Her career took a significant turn in the 1990s, and during a span of 18 years, she managed teams of designers and computer specialists at Morgan Stanley in New York City. Claudette has written and/or arranged music for New Voices of Freedom, Aretha Franklin, U2, Peter Gabriel, Celia Cruz, and many others, and has made appearances on the Joan Rivers Show, a music video with Lenny Kravitz, and the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. She has also appeared in TV commercials including Roy Rogers, Nabisco, and Pizza Hut.

At the present time, she teaches beginner to advanced piano students at CSP studios in White Plains, NY, and teaches piano lab classes during the summer months at the Westchester County Summer Music Center.

Robert W. Gordon, Debate Club


Robert W. Gordon, Esq., is the instructor for the Debate and Public Speaking class. He is a trial attorney for the City of New York.  He holds a B.A. Degree in Philosophy from Morehouse College, and an Juris Doctor (law degree) from NYU School of Law. He practiced as a litigation attorney for over 10 years.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, he taught kindergarten, elementary grades, and High School World History in the Westchester County public schools. He also lectured law at the University of Ulsan for one year in South Korea. In addition to his attorney responsibilities, he tutors and coaches high school students in debate and philosophy as well as adults in public speaking.  He has also given lessons to Korean, Japanese, and Chinese adults in English as a second language.

For the Debate and Public Speaking class, He will introduce the process of preparing for a debate, the purposes of debate, and various techniques to use to win debates. Skills introduced will include, forming arguments, research, organizing points for impact, attacking arguments, preparing for rebuttal arguments, and using authority and support for content.

The public speaking portion of the class will focus on external presentation skills.  Issues such as body language, volume, eye contact, hand gestures, verbal pauses, rhythm, pacing, dynamics, pronunciation, and pitch will be introduced and explained as needed.

The goal is to have students comfortable in engaging in debate, do so effectively, and know that there are always at least two sides of an issue that should be explored.

Andy Myers, Guitar Sr. & Percussion Jr.

Andy Myers is a graduate of Fordham University in New York,.  He has been a working musician for over forty five years, performing and recording in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Andy is an acknowledged expert in Acoustic & Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Ukulele, Percussion, & Voice.  He has also contributed Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards & Synthesizer to recordings over his many years as a studio musician.

Having taught as a private music instructor full time for the last ten years, Andy has been with Huaxia for since 2005, offering & Introduction to Percussion & to our youngest students eager to learn about rhythms and drumming; and & Introduction to Guitar & to the older students, covering all aspects of technique necessary to begin mastering the instrument.  Both of these classes focus on giving students fluency in reading written forms of music and learning to participate in an ensemble.  Mr. Myers uses Classical music, and both Chinese & Western songs as study pieces, in keeping with the mission of our school.



1985 年全国小提琴选拔赛少年组第九名, 南京艺术学院小提琴专业,前南 京军区前线歌舞团第一小提琴手,从正营级别转业后培养了数以百计的学生,分 别被上海音乐学院、南京艺术学院、南京师范大学音乐系、武汉音乐学院、安徽 师范大学音乐系等高校录取,并于 2010 年 7 月获得中国文化部艺术服务中心、中 国高等教育学会等单位组织的第六届华夏艺术风采国际交流展示活动中获得优秀 园丁奖。

倪轶龙    高级数学大班  Advanced Math Sr.

中国科大(University of Science and Technology of China)数学本科、硕士,Yale University 数学博士。曾经教过大学微积分,数学物理方法,微分方程等课程。

杨于民    竞赛数学大班   Competition Math Sr.

复旦本科,美国物理博士。 二十多年数学研究工作, 多年丰富的数学系本科生和博士生教学与辅导经验。

杨丽达   少儿剪纸/成人水彩画


2002年,杨老师参加了Yonkers公共图书馆的艺术展。由于作品的巨大成功,2004年,杨老师被邀请与Yonkers公共图书馆共同主办三 个艺术展。Westchester艺术委员会为她参与了Westchester 2005年秋季艺术世界展给予杨老师奖励。如今,杨老师在Westchester教授美术。杨老师从来没有停止过艺术创作。在Westchester,你 很容易找到杨老师的作品。


Lida Y Zimmerman - Bio-1 Lida Y Zimmerman - Bio-2

Lida Y Zimmerman - Bio-3Lida Y Zimmerman - Bio-4Lida Y Zimmerman - Bio-5

Introducing Our Art Teacher Mrs. Lida Yang Zimmerman

Mrs. Lida Y. Zimmerman, a native of Shanghai, China, studied under some of the most famous artists of China and was an art teacher for over 10 years in Shanghai. Before emigrating to US, Mrs. Zimmerman taught watercolor, pencil drawing, Chinese watercolor, and the ancient art of Paper Cutting. She published the book “How to Paint.” She was also one of the chief editors of many art instructional books for elementary and middle schools in China. Her students have received national prizes for their works on many occasions.

She had her first American art exhibition at the Yonkers public library in 2002.  Following the huge success at the Yonkers Public Library, Mrs. Zimmerman was invited back in 2004 to hold three additional exhibitions in Yonkers. In 2005, she was invited to participate in the “Worlds of Westchester 2005 Fall Folk Arts Showcase” at the Westchester Art Council.  Eight pieces of her artwork were on display and 4 were sold on the first day of the show. In 2006 she had an exhibition of her students’ artworks called “Through Their Eyes: Artworks by Chinese American Youth” with the Westchester Art Council. The exhibition was featured on local TV and newspapers. Today, Mrs. Zimmerman continues to teach art in Westchester and is active in the art scene of Westchester.

Since 2001, Mrs. Zimmerman has been teaching at Huaxia New York. This fall, she is offering “Origami/Paper Cutting” and “Fine Arts Club for Adults”.
Welcome to Origami/Paper Cutting Class!

In this class you will learn origami ranging from very easy ones to harder ones. You will not believe how a piece of paper can make magic!  You will also learn Paper Cutting, which is one of the most popular folk arts in China. The Chinese make paper cutting for celebrating festivals and home decoration. Students who signed up for this class will explore the history and techniques of this beautifully intricate craft.

Join the Fine Arts Club for Adults!

Anyone who is interested in painting, drawing or folk art should join this club. You will learn the techniques of painting, such as Chinese brush painting, water color, acrylic and oil painting, drawing. You will also learn folk art, such as Chinese paper cutting and egg shell painting. No previous painting experience needed.  You will discover the artist inside you!

關述迂(ShueYiu Kwan    武术/太极俱乐部


關述迂师父生于广州,十四岁起学习武术,后在合气道祖师植芝盛平门下学习。一九六八年, 关师父来到美国继续学习柔道和跆拳道。一九七六年起,在伍伟洪大师门下专习虎爪派武术。一九八二年起,在伍伟洪学校授徒。一年后,在Pleasantville, NY 开办了自己的武术学校。关师父门下有很多虎爪派武术比赛冠军。一九九四年, 关师父当选为 美东武术协会的副会长。

除武术以外, 关师父也教授中国舞狮。关师父的舞狮队多次出现在电视节目中,并在Gracie Mansion为纽约市长Dinkins演出。

夏玫     民族舞蹈



Xia, Mei   Chinese Folk Dance

The Chinese Folk Dance class combines basic techniques of Chinese folk dance with those of contemporary dance.  This distinct style, developed by Teacher Xia, allows the children to express their spirit and display their world. A graduate of Beijing Dance College, Ms. Mei Xia was a performer, choreographer and teacher with more than 15 years of professional experience at Jingshan School, Beijing.  Under the direction of Ms. Xia, students went on to receive numerous awards including first prize in dance competitions at both national and local levels.

Ms. Xia has been teaching Folk Dance at HXNYC since 2012. Her dance “Happy China Year” has been performed at many venues in the community

cny2   cny3


Xuemei Xie    Yoga for Kids    瑜伽大班

Do you love nature & animals?
Do you want to boost your confidence and have positive self-image?
Do you want to find ways to release stress and cultivate your focus?

If your answer is yes, then “Yoga for Kids” is right for you!

While you are practicing poses like cats, dogs, monkeys, eagles, trees, bridges, you strengthen your bodies and calm your minds. While you are dancing with your breaths, you cultivate awareness of mind and body connection.  While you stay present and focused in challenging poses, you learn that how you handle the challenge on the mat is how you handle the challenges off the mat.

Ms. Xuemei Xie has been practicing yoga for over ten years, and has been leading Yoga Club for Parents for several years. She is excited to share her yoga experience with younger members of HXNYC community.



teteacher1 张亚星自幼接受专业民族舞蹈训练,凭着优美的舞姿和过硬的基本功,多次以舞蹈队领舞的身份 在上海电视台及大型文艺演出中参加表演。到美国后,她积极参与华人社团舞蹈队的编舞,排练和演出活动,继续发扬中国民族舞蹈的魅力,让更多的人感受到中国舞的特色。同时,对舞蹈的热爱和敏锐也让张亚星爱上了美国流行的街舞(hip-hop)和尊巴舞(Zumba)。张亚星还有数年教授儿童舞蹈的经验。她自编自导的儿童舞蹈,欢快活泼,动作可爱,深受孩子们和家长的喜爱。




Terry Taylor     Clayful Arts

Terry Taylor was a professional artist and children’s book illustrator with 11 published books. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. She has taught clay art over 1000 elementary students in grades K-5 over the years.  Visit her web site at:

clay1    clay2


Cornelia Guest     Scrabble (拼字技巧)

Mrs. Guest has been teaching Scrabble to young players since 2005, and she is currently teaching at four different libraries and schools (in addition to teaching private lessons).  She is a director of the North American Scrabble Players Association and has directed over 100 Scrabble tournaments for all ages—including five New England School Scrabble Championships and a division of last year’s National Scrabble Championship.  She plays regularly in Scrabble tournaments and run two evening Scrabble Clubs.  She also publishes a monthly newsletter for Scrabble players, The Last Word (  She is the mother of triplets, all of whom enjoy Scrabble (her daughter and her teammate were the 2007 National School Scrabble Champions). Once the students become familiar with the game, Ms. Guest can arrange tournaments at the school and bring interested students to open competitions.  She has taken many teams to Nationals, and she has the strongest record of top-ten finishes of any coach in the country (including two first-place finishes).  Among the students she has started out is the current #1 Youth Player in the world, who became the youngest expert in Scrabble history at the age of 11.

Ms. Guest enjoys teaching Scrabble to children and believes that our students would find the program stimulating.  Whether they choose to play Scrabble for pleasure or hope to go to the Nationals, they will definitely gain a strong dexterity with language.  Parents too will enjoy this game which can be played by all ages.