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Huaxia New York Central Chinese School (HXNYC) is a leading Chinese school in greater Westchester County, New York. Since 1996 the School has been registered with the State of New York as a not-for-profit organization. It is the longest continuous-running subsidiary of Huaxia Chinese School in regions north of Manhattan. The School has been at its current location at Westchester Community College (WCC) since 1999.

The mission of the School is to provide an optimal and multi-lingual environment for learning Chinese language and culture while fostering a community where members share their experiences and find mutual support. The School offers a curriculum spanning from Pre-K to AP Chinese. Students learn Pinyin, the Chinese phonetics, and simplified Chinese characters. The School also offers Chinese as Second Language (CSL) classes to non-native speakers. Continuing education and adult clubs are available as well.

HXNYC and WCC have signed a collaborative agreement for expanding the School’s program to further promote cross-culture exchanges among local communities, and to serve as a Chinese cultural center in Westchester County. HXNYC welcomes all interested people to join its mission. The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or creed.

职称 Position 姓名 Name Email Address 电话 Phone
董事长 Chair 吴稚怡 Jenny Chien jenny.chien8@gmail.com (914) 414-1878
董事 Member 程立洁 Lijie Cheng  lijiecheng@yahoo.com  (914) 241-3108
董事 Member 戴扬 Yang Dai  yang.dai@gmail.com  (917) 607-3788
董事 Member 黄毅 Richard Huang  rickiyhuang@gmail.com  (203) 552-2198
董事 Member 黄克勤 Tony Huang  tony.kqhuang@gmail.com  (914) 486-0143
董事 Member 钟晨音 Chenyin Zhong  chenyinzhong@hotmail.com  (914) 441-2395
董事 Member 周爱萍 Aiping Zhou  billaiping@hotmail.com  (914) 737-0278
职称 Position 姓名 Name Email Address 电话 Phone
校长 Principal 李琪文 Chiwen Lee chiwenlee.cao@gmail.com (917) 881‐0252
宣传联络副校长 VP, Communication 倪秀峰 Xiufeng Ni nixiufeng@yahoo.com (914) 406-6855
纪律安全副校长 VP, Discipline & Safety 白琨 Kun Bai kunbai@us.ibm.com (914) 356‐7235
纪律安全助理 AVP, Discipline & Safety 罗宇翔 Yuxiang Luo yuxiangl@gmail.com (213) 618‐9336
注册副校长 VP, Registration 冯兰 Lan Feng lanfeng@hotmail.com (914) 472‐2329
注册副校长 VP, Registration  王建群 Jianqun Wang jianqun_69@yahoo.com (203) 325‐2395
宣传助理, AVP, Marketing 杭华蕾 Stella Hang hanghls@hotmail.com (614) 286-7281
图书馆助理 AVP, Library Project 安羽翎 Yuling An an.yuling@gmail.com (646) 642‐8888
教育活动助理 AVP, Debate/Speech Contest 刘群 Sara Chen saralq@gmail.com (914) 861‐2341
教育活动助理 AVP, Seminars 胡保年 Baonian Hu huzhoufam@gmail.com (203) 662‐0041
教育活动助理 AVP, Educational Events 张容 Rong Zhang rongzh06@yahoo.com (917) 790‐9878
财务长 Financial Director 徐靖 Jean Xu jean.xu@gs.com (914) 238‐5183
财务助理 Assistant Financial Director 朱丹 Dan Zhu klzd2003@yahoo.com (646) 683‐6593
教务长 Dean 王庆红 Kim Wang qinghong122@gmail.com (917) 334‐0706
副教务长 Associate Dean 伍林芳 Linfang Wu linfangwu@gmail.com (408) 505‐0807
教务长助理 Assistant Dean, Textbook Resrouces 王枫 Feng Wang reese.haoxiang.wang@gmail.com (914) 861‐2063
教务长助理 Assistant Dean, TA 魏晓芳 Xiaofang Wei kxwe@yahoo.com (914) 472‐3715
教务长助理 Assistant Dean, Payroll 周群 Qun Zhou zhouqun@hotmail.com (914) 861‐2645
职称 Position 姓名 Name Email Address 电话 Phone
家长会会长 Chair 唐小平 Xiaoping Tang xiaoping_t@yahoo.com (914) 486-0143
家长会副会长 Vice Chair, Communication 娄未钧 Vivian Lou vivianlou@hotmail.com (914) 202-5076
家长会副会长 Vice Chair, Logistics 邓勇刚 Yonggang Deng dengyg@yahoo.com  (443) 498-3064
家长会成员 Member 戴嬿 Jennifer Dai jennifer.dai.ny@gmail.com (224) 619-5223
家长会成员 Member 党兵 Bing Dang dangbing@gmail.com (914) 356-2992
家长会成员 Member 尚业敏 Kelly Shang kellys4kids@gmail.com  (914) 472-8382
家长会成员 Member 施钢 Eric Shi shigang2012@gmail.com  (914) 343-0885 
家长会成员 Member 徐智京 Zhijing Xu zhijingxu542@yahoo.com  (347) 714-4522
家长会成员 Member 张舒天 Tina Zhang zzhangtina@yahoo.com  (914) 495-3534
职称 Position 姓名 Name Email Address 电话 Phone
顾问委员会长 Chair 沈兆麟 Julian Shen julianshen@yahoo.com (914) 400-9568
顾问委员会成员 Member 姚学吾 Professor Xuewu Yao hwlaoyao@gmail.com N/A
顾问委员会成员 Member 王建平 Dr. Jianping Wang fly6666away@yahoo.com N/A
顾问委员会成员 Member 李建仁 Dr. Jianren Li jrli_2000@yahoo.com (914) 217-3858
顾问委员会成员 Member 李学平 Dr. Xueping Li xueping_li@yahoo.com (914) 276-2048
顾问委员会成员 Member 郑顾团 Dr. Gutuan Zheng gutuanz@yahoo.com (914) 962-9194
顾问委员会成员 Member 朱立 Dr. Li Zhu l_zhu@yahoo.com (914) 338-9408