Grade 1-9



马立平中文– 先认汉字,三年级开始学拼音。认字速度比较快。适合中文环境较强家庭的学生。

美洲华语– 汉字拼音同时学,课本提供中英文对照。适合大多数学生。

快乐儿童汉语– 用于CSL (Chinese as a Second Language)。适合父母不会说中文或来自非中国家庭的学生。

马立平中文(Ma Liping Chinese)


Ma Li Ping Chinese” was specially designed for children who already understand the spoken Chinese and wish to acquire a higher level of fluency in reading. It best suits children from families where both parents are Chinese speakers. It begins with reading the Chinese characters without the help of Pinyin, the phonetic system. This “Direct Character Recognition” methodology is the brainchild of a Chinese language educator who lives and teaches in the Bay area near San Francisco. Pinyin is introduced after students have already mastered more than 700 characters. The curriculum includes textbooks, accompanying exercise booklets and CD-ROMs for homework. The homework is easy to follow and designed to allow students to complete them in the right order and independent of parental help. The curriculum focuses on reading, listening, speaking, with writing coming much later.

美洲华语 (Meizhou Huayu) ››


Meizhou Huayu offers a learning sequence in practical Chinese. Lessons incorporate terms, objects and topics familiar to students who grow up in North America

My First Chinese Reader

We offer CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) classes to students who come from non-native Chinese speaking families. The student entering the CSL program has to be 6 years old or older. For younger students, we may place him or her in our Kindergarten or Pre-K classes upon evaluation.