2018-2019 Registration Continues

2018-2019 课程在线注册从速


• 请点击 Enroll Here 注册。由我校学生家长介绍的新生,介绍人和新生均可享受 $50 优惠。

• 中文课今年增加了马立平八年级。文化课增添了国画书法大小班 、现代美术大小班、新加坡数学大小班、Scratch Programming 大小班、Java 电脑编程大班。点击此处阅览 2018-2019 课程.

• 如有问题,请写信到 registration@hxnyc.org 或电话 (914) 768-8686。

• 请尽量用支票支付学费,可以为学校节省手续费。

• 阅读 2018-2019 注册须知

2018-2019 Classes Online Registration Continues

School starts on September 9, please register soon.

• Please click Enroll Here to register. A Friends and Family Referral Credit of $50 will be given to both referee and referrer.

• We have added MLP Grad 8 to our Chines classes. We have added Brush Painting & Calligraphy, Amazing Art, Singapore Math, Scratch and Java Programming to culture classes. Click here for a complete list of 2018-2019 Classes.

• If you need assistance, please write to registration@hxnyc.org or call (914) 768-8686.

• Preferred payment method: We strongly recommend paying by check. This will save school transaction fees.

• Click to read 2018-2019 Registration Policy